CBD Reduces Seizures Associated With Rare Form Of Epilepsy

CBD Reduces Seizures Associated With Rare Form Of Epilepsy – Forbes

The children and adults who experience these seizures suffer endlessly. But their parents, families and loved ones suffer as well. Standard anti-epileptic drug (AED) therapy typically fails to control these seizures, with many suffering hundreds of seizures in a 24-hour period.

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My Club 8 – Laguna Blends Advanced Team Training

My Club 8 – Laguna Blends Advanced Team Training

I’ve been asked by a few people to explain the systems I use to market businesses online.

This system can be used by any person with any company, either online or off line.

This training includes a system that has:
Landing pages
Presentation Page
Contact manager system
Auto Responder with pre written emails
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Cost 29.95 per month (cheap, cheap cheap)
Text messaging system (with the system $10/mo)

The text system I use is $50/year unlimited texting off my phone, but make sure you have a carrier that will not shut you down and unlimited texting- international just in case of mistakes)

Phone dialer Pro from Google play store $5.00 I think lifetime.

All the links are below.

Leads and followup
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Text message off Cell

Auto phone dialer with followup

Victoria Hatton


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My Club8 Straight Line Downline

My Club8 Straight Line Downline

Myclub8 straight line compensation plan has just launched. IS NOW FINISHED!!



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This straight line will be in effect until April /2017 when all members will be transferred over to the new and improved Unilevel Compensation plan that pays 8 Levels in depth.

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Laguna Blends Club 8

Welcome to Laguna Blends Club 8 this is the new membership rep site.

Starting March 20 (appox) Laguna Blends is opening it’s straight line down line.

Everyone that joins Laguna Blends is placed into one straight line with no sponsoring required to earn income. (you earn on everyone that is placed under you no matter who placed them)

Straigh line downline
Straight line downline

You have to upgrade to lock in your position within 5 days.

A person gets paid 2.5% per level for 5 levels without sponsoring.

Once you sponsor:
1-5 people      paid 10 levels. -Bonus Pool 1
6-10 people    paid 20 levels -Bonus Pool 1+2
11-15 people   paid 50 levels -Bonus Pool 1+2 3
16-20 people paid 75 levels-Bonus Pool 1-4
21 + people   paid 100 levels Plus All Pools 1-5

The great news is on April 22 everyone in the straight line will be transferred over to the Uni-Level compensation plan, which pays 8 levels in depth.


Everyone that you have brought into the straight line will follow you to the new system.

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Disclaimer: The Company site may change from time to time make sure to check it often for the current programs.

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